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Title: 88 Sami
Post by: SunnySD on February 08, 2018, 05:30:39 PM
Anyone interested in a 1988 Samurai Tin Top w/62k on the clock? Not perfect but not too shabby either. Brick Red 1988 1/2  hardtop model w/AC (never used it). Located in Sunny San Diego hence the handle. Just seeing if this generates any interest. No pics yet but you all know what a stock one looks like. A few parking lot scrapes and dings. Carb could use some attention (Needle?? Float?? gets stuck on occasion) Shimmy Sami shake around 35 - 40 mph (Never figured that one out). Passes Smog test (last one a couple of years ago so??). I'll get some pictures posted if anyone reads this and wants them. Time for a new home for this Samurai.
Title: Re: 88 Sami
Post by: ebewley on February 10, 2018, 07:17:03 PM
Forwarded this to an enthusiast in your area. Do you know how much you want for it?  Are you able to post some pics?

Title: Re: 88 Sami
Post by: SunnySD on February 11, 2018, 06:52:25 AM
Hey, sure I can do that. Honestly you caught me a bit flat footed, I didn't think I'd get a response, let alone one so soon. Give me some time and I will get some pics posted. Price wise I'm open to offers. I haven't sunk thousands of dollars of dollars into this thing so I'm not looking for anything crazy. I know decent Tin Tops don't come around that often. I guess I wouldn't go below 3500 because that's what some random guy offered me at an Albertsons (west coast grocery store) parking lot when I was going in to buy some fried chicken (no judgement).