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'New' '93 Sidekick JX 4dr

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'New' '93 Sidekick JX 4dr
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2018, 01:11:12 PM »
So I recently bought a 93 sidekick, been working on fixing it up and potentially taking the 2" lift off to return it to stock height and tire size for my current purposes, I made supervisor at work and can't call out for weather or anything like that so I want to be prepared for next winter. I'm looking into what my best options are as far as looking for different parts and any info on repairs. I got my hands on a reprint of the '93 factory service manual and original owner's and 92-93 4dr supplement manuals.

The Good:
Only 105k miles on the odometer, probably a fair bit more in reality since the speedo wasn't calibrated to the larger tires
Brand new fuel system; tank, filler neck, pump/sending unit, and lines
ECM was recently replaced as result of it getting shorted out by a bad ground that has since been rectified(previous owner had a 12inch subwoofer and amplifier in the back that he just kept with the car)
Seems to have been tuned up relatively recently as it runs pretty good and accelerates pretty good for being on 31 inch tires

The Bad:
Service history on it is non-existent, didn't expect it to be there anyway
Minor body rust in places that are expected, wheel wells and areas most people don't clean usually
Some stand-up citizen stole my grill since it was temporarily held on by zip-ties while trying to figure out if I could get stock hardware and clips to bolt it on
The hvac blower motor stopped working, but it still draws on the engine when heat is turned on so I'm thinking something may have jammed in there(previous owner had a random assortment of screw/bolts in the indent on top of the dash and one could have made its way down the defroster).
And now, despite having all the manuals, I don't know where to start. I'm going for function before fashion. So my game plan is to start out with doing all the general maintenance stuff like full tune up and replacing brake parts. Other than that, I'm kind of lost. I'm trying to prioritize most important to least important.

Current priority list:
1. Get timing done, I'm not sure if these engines are interference engines and I don't want to find out the hard way
2. Brakes, replaces drums, shoes, pads, rotors, check wheel cylinders and calipers for signs of leaking, check lines for wear
3. Full ignition system diagnostics and replace plugs, wires, cap and rotor
4. Transmission and transfer case check/fluid
5. Differentials and axles check
6. Then blower motor for hvac

Other than that I'm kind of lost, although sitting here typing that list helped give some more direction. Any advice on common problems or parts that people overlook would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
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