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89 suzuki sidekick tbi 8v 5spd- Fuel, Spark, comp, no start. HELP!

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89 suzuki sidekick tbi 8v 5spd- Fuel, Spark, comp, no start. HELP!
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 10:49:09 AM »
Fixed!  I found my problem! The dizzy was pointing to #1 on the cap. I moved it 180 to point to #4 on tdc crank and cam and she started right up. Now I just have to fine tune it to get it to idle on its own.

I have got a 89 suzuki sidekick with a crank but no start condition. I can’t figure out what the issue is, any help and advice on what to do next. Thanks for looking and any ideas you guys have.

What I’ve done trying to diagnose the problem and info on it.

1. Has spark on all plugs- good size but orange??
2. Coil has the same looking spark coming out of it- orange good size
3. Has good compression. 180-200 all cylinders
4. All fuses are good, all grounds are good/cleaned.
5. Checked for codes, got 12-12-12 good
6. Checked timing belt and dizzy, dead on. My cam can only install one way, cam titty 12 o clock, crank tdc #1

Other checks I’ve done.
1. Checked coil primary- 1.5 ohms about. Secondary about 12k ohms. Good
2. Checked signal generator resistance inside dizzy- 130-190 ohms. Good
3. Checked for play in dizzy, none.
4. Checked the vr gap inside dizzy, .008-.016. good
5. Checked each plug wires resistance about 5k per ft. Good
6. Checked injector pulse while cranking. Good
7. Unplugged injector, made sure plugs were still clean and not flooded. Sprayed starting fluid while cranking. No start.
8. Tested/adjusted the tps sensor, 30 ohms at idle and about 1.v good
9. Went through everthing again, timing, fuses, grounds. Visually checking wires, connections anything I can see. I’m lost and confused please help!

1. What could cause a weak orange looking spark?
2. I read while cranking, my cluster rpm is supposed to rise to 400rpm, I’m only seeing it move to maybe 100 rpm-150rpm. Does this mean anything?
3. What else can I check?

Updated stuff I’ve checked/done.

I checked the brwn/white wire from ignition coil to the noise suppressor, continuity was good. Checked brown wire from noise suppressor to the ecm, which turns to red/blue wire right before ecm. Also checked brown wire from noise suppressor to cluster, all good.

How can I test the noise suppressor?

More stuff I’ve tried.
1. I took the o2 sensor out at the manifold, no start.
2. Hooked up my timing light while cranking. Im not seeing the timing light flash while cranking. What does this mean?

Stuff I’ve noticed today. Rpm cluster doesn’t move more than half the time I’ve been cranking on it. I see the rpm bounce up to 100 150 right as I Let off cranking the motor over. Notice that I’m getting a little combustion/ flame out of the throttle body, as that rpm jump happens. Almost try’s to start but won’t. Not flooding as I’ve unhooked fuel supply and tryed starting fluid. I keep an eye on plugs not getting fould and still have same spark.
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