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Amy Ring gear

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Amy Ring gear
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 03:15:19 PM »
When I bought Amy the 2001 Chevuki Tracker ZR2 4 dr auto..  I knew I was going to spend some money and do some work..  To start with there was the tire issue that has been mentioned in other posts..  Also from the beginning I knew the rear end needed work and soon found one in yunk yard.  Then as I knew I was going to pull the 3rd member that I may as well do a locker at the same time.  That is a long story under Amy gets a Locker... wrong..  Well, now being a fat old man with a few medical issues  I have been overly cautious because whyile you may be able to nurse something with a problem for awhile,  If you go out and romp on it and play rough, that is when you are more likely to break something.  Years ago, if I owned it, it was going to go where ever I took a notion to.  Some times beer was involved but even without, it was going to go or break.

Here are pictures of the 3rd member we took out.  I have not tested the adjustment with Permatex Prussian Blue but I will not be surprised if the pinion to ring contact to be near the outer edge of the ring gear.  There were 2 clues as to possible problems,  #1 there was excessive play of the pinion shaft flange such as you find with a bad U-joint.   #2 when under power there was unusual whine noise that disappeared when you let off of the throttle, this being an auto... If it were a stick you would have to disengage the clutch to coast, otherwise the engine braking would most likely still make noise.  Now you see what can happen if the ring & pinion are not set up correctly.   Oh, it is HOT in Paradise on the Rio