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Lift kits

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Lift kits
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2017, 08:31:19 PM »
Amy again.  I thought I might go with a body lift kit but there is a whole list of stuff to deal with.  Amy has a cross brace on top of the strut towers and a 2" body lift means I need to notch body or add a spacer... then there is the air intake bridging from body to motor (mounted on frame of course).  I have not looked at the fuel tank but there are brake lines and wiring and?

http://www.andysautosport.com/lift_kits/chevrolet_tracker.html   Andy's shows more bolts and stuff than the other similar ones.  Low range shows one much the same with a fewer pieces and a lot less money..  http://www.lowrangeoffroad.com/suzuki-off-road-parts/sidekick-tracker-x90/suspension-lift-kits/basic-and-complete-2-inch-spacer-budget-lift-kits.html  and also 1" body lift so I could have 3" and only lifting the body 1" might mean fewer modifications?  Not sure that Trail Tough has kits for my Tracker.  I intend to call all these folks in the next few days  but really interested in what folks here have done or experiences..  It IS hot in Paradise on the Rio