Lift kits

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Lift kits
« on: July 30, 2017, 08:31:19 PM »
Amy again.  I thought I might go with a body lift kit but there is a whole list of stuff to deal with.  Amy has a cross brace on top of the strut towers and a 2" body lift means I need to notch body or add a spacer... then there is the air intake bridging from body to motor (mounted on frame of course).  I have not looked at the fuel tank but there are brake lines and wiring and?   Andy's shows more bolts and stuff than the other similar ones.  Low range shows one much the same with a fewer pieces and a lot less money..  and also 1" body lift so I could have 3" and only lifting the body 1" might mean fewer modifications?  Not sure that Trail Tough has kits for my Tracker.  I intend to call all these folks in the next few days  but really interested in what folks here have done or experiences..  It IS hot in Paradise on the Rio