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Author Topic: Trail Leader Template - Hello Volunteers / potential Volunteers  (Read 1786 times)

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Trail Leader Template - Hello Volunteers / potential Volunteers
« on: December 11, 2006, 09:34:14 PM »
Hello Volunteers / potential Volunteers,

If you're interested in leading a trail for your fellow Suzuki enthusiasts, please use a template similar to what is below so that people have enough information to know if they want/will be able to go with you.

Thank you -Eric



Summary: The 4-rated Poison Spider Mesa trail is one of Moab's most popular. It is just a short drive from town and offers a wide variety of obstacles with less difficult bypasses at some of the most difficult ones.

Scenery: Views back across the Colorado River Gorge toward the Behind the Rocks area are fascinating along with the panoramic view from the 1,000 foot cliff rim above Highway 191 near the end of the trail.

The Trail: The Poison Spider Mesa trail has scenery and obstacles for everyone. The one at the left is one of the obstacles that has a much more sensible bypass. A variety of rock ledges offer the most challenge while some steep slick rock looks more difficult than it may actually be. There is an optional sand hill that will be difficult when dry.

WHEN: Tuesday 8:30 AM

WHERE: Meet at City Market

SPECIAL: The beginning of Poison Spider Mesa is used for the Poison Spider / Golden Spike / Gold Bar Rim trails. About Half way through participants will break off from the longer trail and finish the complete Poison Spider Mesa trail. Travel time will be Approximately 6 hours.
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