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1986 Samurai Stock Hitachi Carb Flooding Going Uphill

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1986 Samurai Stock Hitachi Carb Flooding Going Uphill
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2018, 11:26:38 AM »
I have a stock 1986 Samurai with original Hitachi carb setup. It has run fine for many years. Just this past month it has started to die when I drive up the hill to my house. From what I can tell it is flooding since there is gas coming out from the base of the carb and a slow gurgling noise as if the carb is continuing to draw gas even though the engine is off. I ran a can of Sea Foam through the system (added to fuel) thinking the float might be stuck or needle/seat gummed up but it didn't help. On flat ground it seems to run just fine (though it did die one time on a flat road in the same manner--when I finally got it to start the carb was definitely loaded up with fuel and it took several seconds to clear the system of excess gas). I don't want to do a tear down of the card if it isn't necessary, but can't think of any other options.

I have looked at the other posts here but added mine because it is a stock Hitachi carb setup and not a Weber nor modified Hitachi system.