Cabin Air Intake Cleanup

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Cabin Air Intake Cleanup
« on: October 11, 2017, 03:46:43 AM »
So about a week ago I picked up a 1988 Suzuki Samurai with 37,000 miles on it! Overall it's in great shape and my plan is to do a full clean, repair, and modest improvement on it. The goal is to get a fun vehicle to do some very light off road camping from. After some reading I've decided to take advantage of removing the console and clean out the heater box. However I wanted to find a good way from keeping this to be a problem. So I've decided to do a few modifications and post my progress.

1) Do the heater clean out modification
2) Add air intake scoop
3) Add a filter to help minimize dust and debri

Air Scoop -
Heater Plug -
Coarse Filter Material -
Fine Filter Material -
Blind Threaded Rivets -
Molding -

1) Hole cut in back of heater box and use plug to seal after a good clean out
2) Attach Air Scoop over air intake cowl using blind threaded rivets (so I can remove the dang thing) and molding around scoop to protect paint underneath.
3) Use coarse filter material lining front of intake scoop to keep out debris and large dust. Then use fine filter against cowling to protect against dust. Threaded rivets allow me to remove the scoop so I can swap the filters.

I'll post plenty of pictures as I start going but I'd love to hear others thoughts on this! Also has anyone try using the vent scoops in reverse for an air induction setup like the jeep guys tend to love?

Also my first post, first off road vehicle, and first hobby car... wish me luck and be kind...