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1988 Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case rods that control the shifter forks

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The Samurai t-case can be modified to accommodate 2wd low. It is possible a previous owner did this.

Please share a picture and welcome to the forum!

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1988 Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case rods that control the shifter forks
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 02:00:46 PM »
New to the forum so first post. Vehicle appeared to be in 2WD High by transfer case shifter position but actual RPM and speed indicated on instrument cluster seems to indicate that transfer case is in low range and 2WD as the front differential was not turning. I am aware that 2WD L should not be available. I positioned the transfer case shifter in what appeared to be neutral, removed the shifter and looked down into the hole. I can clearly see a rectangular notch in the middle of the shifter hole on the inside of the rod on the left side when sitting in the driver seat. However there is only part of a notch on the inside of the right rod, the visible portion of the notch is at the front of the rod but there appears to be no material to form the rest of the notch at the rear end . Is it possible that part of the inside of the right rod sheared off where the rear of the notch should be or is the right rod not positioned correctly so not seeing a complete notch? I felt the side of the right rod where the back of the notch should be and it appears to be very smooth with no indication of anything being sheared off or missing. I would appreciate some help with this dilemma