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Engine sometimes won't start, or even shuts down while running. Only while warm

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1985 SJ410. When cold, it always starts fine (with choke pulled of course). Even when staying unused for 1 month, it will start up fine in a few seconds.

But sometimes, after I drive a little, and turn it off, it will have trouble starting again. Usually it will start instantly without problem, but every now and then it just won't start - unless I keep the starter running for some time and and play with the clutch etc. and it will very slowly fire up in the end. Then everything is normal and next time it will maybe fire instantly again.

The starter turns fine, engine is just not firing.

Lately I also had a case where the engine just shut off while driving in 70Km/t. I pulled to the side and it wouldn't start. I pulled the choke out, and tried more but it refused. I forgot about the choke and couldn't start it no matter what I did. But then I tried to close the choke, and it started (more than an hour after it died).

Anyone have an idea what may cause this?