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87 Samurai Engine Noises and Exhaust Smoke - Video Included

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87 Samurai Engine Noises and Exhaust Smoke - Video Included
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2018, 01:13:08 PM »
New to the Samurai world and new to this forum.

I picked up a very clean '87 this past summer. For the most part it is a stock vehicle (1.3L), and has under 60,000 miles. The body and drivetrain are in great shape. It's a Special Edition :). I thought the engine was solid :-0

We've been putting some miles on it and having a great time in the Sierra foothills. It always had a bit of a tap or knock going on under the hood, but it went away once warmed up; it has now worsened. Looking for input on where to go to from here. I've tinkered on dirt bikes my entire life, but never done a deep dive on a car. I believe in trouble shooting first, but also don't want to waste time or money chasing something for weeks/months. Long-term plan for this Sami is for it to live on a ranch we have access to, for only seasonal use. I need it to be a dependable, so when visiting the property I just turn the key and go.