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High-performance cat for 2002 Chevy Tracker 4cyl, 2.0L

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High-performance cat for 2002 Chevy Tracker 4cyl, 2.0L
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2018, 12:50:02 PM »
Hi folks. Guess I could've titled this "should I just go ahead and replace both cats. I have two. One just off the manifold (I think) and one that runs horizontal under the car. My connection between the first and the front pipe before the second is pretty rusted (the flange). So here are the options on the table. The broader context is that this is a 2002 with only 78k miles, and I'm trying to upgrade it for more offroad capability over time.

Option 1: Since both pipes might break at the connection, my mechanic is offering to weld a piece of pipe instead of buying replacement parts. But since money isn't a big issue right now (have some saved up for repairs and upgrades), I'm considering a bigger exhaust upgrade.

Option 2: Replace full exhaust including both cats. The muffler is fine but I want a quieter one anyway.

If I go with option two, any recommended performance parts (specifically the cats, but other exhaust parts, too) I should consider?Goal is offroading, rock climbing, etc, so low-end power is most important.

I've looked around for performance headers for the Tracker but there don't seem to be many (or any) options. Am I missing anything?