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Suzuki 4x4 Forum / Engine question
« Last post by Tylunk on Yesterday at 09:22:47 PM »
Hey everyone, so I have an 88 samurai with original engine in it and honestly I’m tired of the damn thing. Started to put money into it but soon realized that at the rate things were going it would be wise to just buy a new engine, so I’m going to go with what everyone else does and get the 1.6 8v but I’m not sure of what I need to buy for the swap like do I need to buy an engine mount kit or does it just fit right in with the old mounts, also any other purchases that I should pick up would also be greatly appreciated  :)
More progress on my Tracker. Refurbished actuator pump in and no more flashing 4wd light. Yay
Swaybar links & bushings have been replaced so and no more clunking in the front. 225/75-15 tires have been ordered.
Working with LoRange to get my correct parts...
Guess I'm just documenting for future Trackers searches...  :-\
did you ever figure out the clicking noise?  my buddy is going through the exact same thing with his grand vitara.
PIDDER, I just noticed the PM. On this issue I never really found out what was wrong. It started 24 hours later and never gave that problem again. I suspect it may have been a moisture freeze issue. It looks like the post was in February, so likely cold overnight. I have had fuel pressure issues since, so the Fuel Pressure regulator could be an issue, AGAIN - a problem on this particular car - multi recalls and still not working.
Thanks FORDEM for suggesting getting back to basics to narrow it down, Much appreciated.

It was a strange problem - wouldn't start for that short period. Started up later and has started for years since, traveled across half the country and now is laid up in need of an engine rebuild. Unsure if we'll rebuild it back into a customized 4x4 or if we'll make a Suzuki powered Ariel Atom type machine.
Suzuki Samurai (All SJ Platform) 1981-1998 / Re: bulding pressurein radiator
« Last post by fordem on Yesterday at 07:36:02 AM »
Is there a question here?

Who is every one that told you it's probably the head gasket?  Any experienced mechanics amongst them? Did they also tell you that it is normal for an engine to "build pressure" in the cooling system up to a point - the cooling system is designed to run at approximately 13 psi over atmospheric pressure?

What is the "everything" that checked out good?  Did you check the head & block surfaces for warping?

Now that you have taken the head off and disturbed the gasket, you're going to need to fit a new one and start over again - this time don't forget to retorque the head bolts after the first few hundred miles.

We need a little more than you have provided if we are to assist, information like what engine are we dealing with, are there signs of overheating, how long it takes before it "builds pressure", and please - punctuation makes a difference.
Suzuki Samurai (All SJ Platform) 1981-1998 / bulding pressurein radiator
« Last post by Raymond0 on Yesterday at 04:09:57 AM »
everything new in motor  mechine work done  balanced every thing checked out good put it together an it was running good think i drove it somewhere  around 4000 miles then started bulding up pressure in radiator  every one said its prob ur head gasket so i took it off an it looked good
Suzuki 4x4 Forum / Re: 2002 chevy Tracker purchase
« Last post by Phase change on February 20, 2019, 08:24:09 AM »
I predict this will be your favorite car to date.  I love mine, they just work and they get it done with minimal breakage and maximum comfort for the cost. 
Well I might get chastised for this but I believe I have my tire decision. My little Tracker will just be a slightly beefed up vehicle. Slightly taller tire and a slightly taller suspension.
Not mud terrain, not all terrain, but an all season tire. I will have the tires siped also.

Cooper Trendsetter SE in the 225/75-15. This tires spec height is 28.05". A small 225/75-15. Thats it!

And the actuator pump.

Even a clean Tracker needs parts...  ;D

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